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Quarterly Report | Vol. 74   Nos. 2 - 3
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Conference Elects New Governing Committee Members
by John R. Chiles, Chairman, Conference on Consumer Finance Law
Dude, Where’s My Car? The Supreme Court Takes on the Battle Between Sections 362 and 542 of the Bankruptcy Code
by Caren D. Enloe
California’s New Debt Collection Licensing Scheme and Mini-CFPB Legislation Create New Regulatory and Compliance Obligations for Collecting Consumer Debts in California
by Paul Soter, Scott J. Hyman, & Laszlo Ladi
Leveraging the Uptick in Consumer Arbitration For Debt Collection
by Daniel JT McKenna
This Call May Be Monitored or Recorded
by Adrian R. Bacon, Todd M. Friedman, & Thomas E. Wheeler
Navigating The FDCPA’s Conditional Language Conundrum
by Tomio B. Narita
New Cases On The Horizon? Federal Preemption Under the FDCPA and Regulation F
by Elizabeth L. Anstaett & Susan M. Seaman
The Intersection of the Least Sophisticated Consumer, Materiality, and Standing
by Jessica Salisbury-Copper, Scott King, & Joe Barton
Searching for Meaning in the FDCPA: Public and Private Enforcement of the “Meaningful Attorney Involvement” Doctrine
by Matthew O. Stromquist & Patrick A. Huber
Payment Convenience Fees: Are Courts Making Loan Servicers Pay For Letting Borrowers Pay?
by Andrew K. Stutzman, Christopher Reese, & Thomas F. Lucchesi
Contracted-for Consent
by David J. Kaminski
If They Casillas Now: Spokeo Gets New Life in FDCPA Cases
by Bruce Menkes & George Desh
TCPA: The Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals Take Sides on the Definition of ATDS, as the Supreme Court Prepares to Intervene
by Zachary D. Miller
We’ve Been Here Before: The Commercially Reasonable Sale in a Time of Economic Crisis
by Sabrina A. Neff
California Money Judgment and Judgment Lien Renewal: Moving Forward by Looking Backward
by Steven A. Booska
Best Practices for Vendor Management Under the California Consumer Privacy Act in the Debt Collection Space
by Austin B. Kenney & Genevieve R. Walser-Jolly
Limitations on Bankruptcy Court Jurisdiction to Adjudicate Nationwide Class Actions Alleging Violation of Discharge Injunction Under Section 524(a)(2)
by Jarrod D. Shaw, Benjamin J. Sitter, & Jared M. DeBona


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