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Quarterly Report | Vol. 70   Nos. 3 - 4
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Conference Elects New Governing Committee Members
Current Issues under the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act
by John L. Ropiequet
The Intersection of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Federal Consumer Bankruptcy Laws
by Scott J. Hyman, Donald H. Cram, III and Bernard J. Kornberg
NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation Went Into Effect on March 1, 2017
by Alan S. Kaplinsky, Edward J. McAndrew, Kevin D. Leitão and Kim Phan
Overview of the CFPB’s Final Rule Amending the 2013 Mortgage Servicing Rule and Interpretive Rule under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
by Matthew S. Yoon, John P. Holahan and Joshua D. Jordon
California’s Single Document Rule for Retail Automobile Transactions
by Scott J. Hyman and Alisa A. Givental
NY Payroll Debit Card Regulation Declared Invalid
by Alan S. Kaplinsky and Brian D. Pedrow
2016 Survey of Activities Identified as Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive under the Dodd-Frank Act, Part Two
by Adam D. Maarec and John C. Morton
Tribal Sovereign Immunity Not a Bar to Payday Lending Enforcement Action, California Supreme Court Rules
by Alan S. Kaplinsky, Mark J. Furletti, Scott M. Pearson and Jeremy T. Rosenblum
Four Cases of Interest from the Ninth Circuit
by Alan S. Kaplinsky
American Bankers Association Identifies Various Industry Concerns in Fair Lending White Paper Submitted to Treasury Secretary
by Peter N. Cubita and Christopher J. Willis
California Supreme Court Sides with Borrower Challenging Authority of Foreclosing Lender in Wrongful Foreclosure Case
by Hassan Elrakabawy and Laura Greco
Spokeo v. Robins: Increased Focus on Standing in Consumer Finance Litigation
by Joseph Yenouskas, Keith Levenberg and Benjamin Cox
Key Points in the CFPB’s Outline of Proposed Rule for Third Party Debt Collectors
by John C. Redding, Walter E. Zalenski and Marshall T. Bell
DOJ Settles Fair Lending Claims Based on Bank’s Pricing Policy for Vehicle-Secured Loans
by Alan S. Kaplinsky, John L. Culhane, Jr. and Christopher J. Willis
Summary of Final Rule Amending HDMA and What It Means for Covered Institutions
by Richard J. Andreano, Jr. and Wendy Tran Novotne
The Effect of the FDCPA’s “Consumer” Limitation on Class Certification: Do Courts Apply Different Standards in Individual and Class Actions?
by Scott J. Hyman and Genevieve Walser-Jolly
Buyer of Defaulted Debt Does Not Collect Debts “Due Another” under FDCPA Debt Collector Definition, SCOTUS Rules
by Alan S. Kaplinsky, Peter N. Cubita, John L. Culhane, Jr., Stefanie H. Jackman and Christopher J. Willis
The 2015 Fisher Memorial Program - Enhanced Government Regulation: The Path to Consumer Protection or an Obstacle to Innovation?
Spokeo Argument After Removal to Federal Court Creates Double-Edged Sword for Defendants
by Alan S. Kaplinsky, Burt M. Rublin and Taylor Steinbacher
by John L. Ropiequet, Chairman


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